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PCD Detectors and Imaging Cameras


ADVACAM's patented detectors rank among the world's most advanced imaging technologies. Their next-generation detectors are used in a broad range of industries for diverse applications, including by NASA to measure radiation conditions on the International Space Station, or by the European Space Agency (ESA) for communication satellites. ADVACAM designs and produces cameras for material analysis, non-destructive testing, color radiography, and radiation safety. These cameras and detectors sense every single particle of radiation of almost any kind, including X-rays, gamma, electrons, ions, and even neutrons.


  • Digital particle (photon) registration and counting within every pixel
  • Spectral sensitivity allowing color X-ray radiography and material-sensitive inspection
  • High-speed (up to 3000 frames per second)
  • High-resolution (55 microns)
  • Low-power consumption
  • Compact size and mobility


  • Material analysis of minerals, alloys, polymers, electronics, batteries, or pigments
  • High-contrast spectral "color" X-ray radiography and tomography
  • Non-destructive testing, material-sensitive biological imaging of dynamic processes
  • One-side radiography and inspection methods: XRF imaging, backscatter imaging, X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Electron microscopy (SEM, STEM, TEM)
  • Ion detection and imaging (Beam monitoring, RBS, ERDA)
  • Radiation safety
  • Space weather monitoring
  • Neutron imaging
  • Visualization of light elements in the heavy matrix




MiniPIX cameras are small, low-power radiation cameras with particle tracking and imaging detector. Their compact size allows the camera to be inserted into pipes or other confined spaces which allows for a variety of integration possibilities. MiniPIX cameras can be used for particle tracking and space weather monitoring, XRD applications, electron microscopy, and educational settings.

Models include: MiniPIX Sprinter, MiniPIX TPX3, MiniPIX TPX3 Space, MiniPIX TPX3 Flex, MiniPIX TPX Standard, and MiniPIX EDU.



WidePIX detectors are industrial imaging cameras for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications. Large area detection is available for high-resolution scanning applications or "color" X-ray imaging (such as spectral material-sensitive "color radiography" and multichannel "color" radiographs). WidePIX can be used in the following applications: mining, food control, NDT, industrial CT applications, aerospace, aviation, welding industry, security, and material analysis.

Models include: WidePIX L 2(1)x5, WidePIX L 2(1)x10, and WidePIX L 2(1)x15



AdvaPIX cameras are designed to emphasize performance and versatility. High hit and frame rates makes AdvaPIX a very fast, multipurpose, and modular camera system with many configuration possibilities. Various applications include: medical applications, brachytherapy, proton beam therapy, small animal imaging, particle tracking, beam characterization, NDT, radiography, spectroscopic imaging, and time-of-flight imaging.

Models include: AdvaPIX TPX3 and AdvaPIX TPX3 Quad

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