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Quantum Design International – Your Distribution Partner

"We have greatly benefited from the team at Quantum Design International. We instantly had worldwide coverage for our product and their sales and service staff were able to promote the product quickly and handle on-site repairs."
– Brian Smithgall,
Montana Instruments

Quantum Design International (QDI) is a global manufacturer and distributor of scientific and industrial instrumentation. Headquartered in San Diego, California, QDI has wholly owned subsidiaries in each of the major technology markets throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Through this network of international offices, QDI offers maximized geographical coverage through a single, powerful distribution channel.

QDI's team of highly trained sales and technical service professionals offers your customers "front line" technical support, providing the highest level of product knowledge and expertise to academic and industrial scientists. In turn, we work closely with each of our distribution partners, becoming experts on each company's products and target customers to give your products the highest opportunity for worldwide market success.

QDI delivers access to worldwide markets and provides the local marketing, sales and technical support you need to expand your business. With QDI, you can implement a targeted global distribution strategy at a fraction of the cost of setting up and managing your own direct offices or multiple distribution agreements.

QDI offices are strategically located around the world in key markets for scientific instrumentation — streamlining your access to researchers and developers across Asia, Europe and the Americas. Offices in the USA, Japan, China, India, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Brazil, as well as fourteen European countries, provide you with an effective connection to major international markets for your products. This connection gives you a level of representation that is second best only to you being there.

Extend the power and reach of your organization by partnering with QDI – the most powerful and respected supplier of scientific instrumentation for research and industry in the world.


The QDI Sales and Service Advantage

"I would recommend QDI to any company with an appropriate technical product needing consistent sales and service coverage worldwide."
– Russell Cowburn,
Durham Magneto Optics Ltd.

QDI understands that the key to successfully penetrating new territories and foreign markets is local offices dedicated to meeting your customers' unique needs. Through these offices we can keep you connected with local business rules, traditions and culture which often vary from country to country, and region to region.

Each of QDI's wholly owned subsidiaries throughout the world is staffed by local nationals who are multilingual and prepared to act as your interface with foreign markets. Sales engineers are well-versed on specific local trading rules, ensuring compliance and good customer relations, and are familiar with procedures and norms native to the territory.

At QDI, we like to think of ourselves as an extension of your sales and service departments, and therefore place the utmost importance on open, unobstructed communication with each of the manufacturers we represent. This communication includes keeping you well-advised on industrial standards relevant to your market, explaining local safety regulations, updating you on market trends and local competition, keeping you apprised of competitor activities, and bringing technical matters to your attention.

After the sale, each QDI office provides in-house service capability with a professional staff trained in a myriad of disciplines, such as mechanics, electronics, molecular biology, physics, and material science. This local service model translates into better, more timely and more effective service – and customer satisfaction for your customers is our top priority.

QDI offers high technology manufacturers access to many of the world's top laboratories and analytical centers within industrial, educational and government organizations. With over 400 employees worldwide, QDI's growth and success is built upon trusted business relationships and a strong reputation for reliability and customer support.

If you are interested in joining the QDI Global Network, contact our corporate headquarters or one of our local offices today.

Our worldwide offices are staffed by local nationals who are multilingual

and dedicated to meeting your customers' unique needs in foreign markets.


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